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About Dr. Crowley

Dr. Crowley has over 30 years of experience developing and managing large physician groups and networks for both community hospitals and academic medical centers.

Dr. Crowley eliminated the need for any hospital subsidy for a 100 provider employed Primary Care group by increasing productivity, improving both quality and patient experience and by growing the number of covered lives to offset the drop in medical utilization required to successfully manage the group's pivot from the traditional fee for service reimbursement model to the new value based healthcare.

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President and CEO
Pinnacle Health Medical Group

October 2014 - November 2016

Turned around 100 member PCP group which was struggling with productivity, recruitment, quality and growth while losing $100,000 per PCP.
Increased productivity by 50%, improved quality and completely eliminated the hospital subsidy.
Grew covered lives from 120,000 to 200,000 and number of PCP's from 100 to 150 in 18 months.
Consolidated ambulatory sites from 25 to 15.
Cut ED utilization from 620/1,000 to 250/1,000 and Medicare admission rate from 380/1,000 to 230/1,000 and Commercial inpatient admisson rate from 80/1,000 to 40/1,000
Improved overall Quality scores from high 20th %iles to low 80's and quality payments from several hundred thousand dollars to over $10 million in 2016.
Created comprehensive program to deal with severe Opioid problem in Central Pa. which resulted in cutting inappropriate Rx's by 75%.
Consolidated 5 EHR's into single platform by successfully implementing EPIC EHR with all sites returning to baseline within 2 weeks of go-live with only 15% loss in revenue.

Vice President of Business Development


April 2011 - February 2013

Physician recruiting, Network Development, Performance Optimization. Helped develop an Automated Referral Management system to reduce leakage through Big Data and Analytics tools which resulted in increased market share and improved margins for Healthcare Organizations in highly competitive markets.

Managing Director of Physician Integration and Network Development

Leerink Swann

March 2010 - September 2011

Strategic Consulting for Physicians and Healthcare Organizations on Physician Recruiting, Network Development, Referral Management (Leakage) and Financial  Performance Optimization.

Senior Vice President for Physicians and Network

Caritas Christi Health Care

April 2008 - June 2009

President of Caritas Physician Network:
As the President of Caritas Physician Network Dr. Crowley managed 400 employed physicians in 114 practices across 80 separate locations with a budget of $120 million.

Dr. Crowley led a comprehensive review and major overhaul of the organization which included the implementation of an incentive compensation program to address the mismatch between compensation and productivity.  Dr. Crowley’s leadership resulted in CPN losses being reduced by 50% in FY '09 and non-physician staff overhead was reduced by one third.

In addition to the Physican Network, Dr. Crowley also served as the President of Caritas Christi Network Services, the contracting arm of Caritas for all of the 1250 physicians including both those employed and in private practice. In April of 2008, CCNS was operating under an antiquated messenger model of contracting, which had no real binding authority or infrastructure. The result was contracts that were barely above the minimum fee schedule. Subsequently, all physicians agreed to sign new Physician Provider Agreements that made possible negotiation of new fully capitated risk contracts. This provided significant increases in reimbursement for the physicians in the network and also staunched the attrition of physicians away from Caritas system hospitals. 

As head of Network Development Dr. Crowley was responsible for all physician recruitment, alignment and integration activity. A robust process was developed to evaluate physician practices for acquisition or joining our contracting network through a variety of creative arrangements. That resulted in over 100 physician practices becoming integrated into the system and utilizing Caritas hospitals' services for their patients.

Chief of Network Development

The Cardiovascular Institute at Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center in Boston, Mass.

January 2007 - April 2008

Helped create the Cardiovascular Institute at BIDMC in Boston with Dr. Ralph De La Torre.
Responsible for establishing a network of Cardiovascular specialists and primary care physicians to refer patients in need of Cardiovascular services to the CVI at BIDMC. 

Utilizing of a wide variety of physician integration models and legal structures, under Tim’s leadership the network grew from 40 academic cardiologists (about 8 FTE's worth of patient volume) to over 90 cardiologists and hundreds of PCP's from physicians and physician groups from several community hospitals throughout New England, that resulted in over $40 million in incremental revenue to the organization. 

Medical Director of Mount Auburn Healthcare

Mount Auburn Hospital

July 1994 - July 2006

Dr. Crowley developed the Primary Care Network for Mount Auburn Hospital in Eastern Mass, transforming an 18 person sleepy quasi-academic primary care group to a robust group of 38 PCP's averaging 3,500 encounters/physician/year by linking compensation to productivity.  During that period, the hospital went from 70% occupancy and a $10 million operating deficit to 98% occupancy and a $22 million operating gain; a 7% margin. 

In addition, Dr. Crowley maintained full clinical load of 10 sessions/week and consistently led the group in clinical productivity.

President of Crowley Medical Holdings and Chairman of ECS

Crowley Medical Holdings/ECS Management and Consulting

July 1988 - July 1994

Created and operated an entrepreneurial practice management and consulting firm specializing in the valuation, acquisition and management of medical practices throughout New England for hospitals and Hospital Systems. 

The company was created as a vehicle to finance and engage in those activities, (previously forbidden ground) and to negotiate the arrangements, recruit and mentor the newly recruited physicians to operate the practices profitably. 

The team developed a self-sustaining medical staff development process to manage succession planning for retiring physicians and to grow each hospital's market share while upgrading the quality and improving the demographics of the physician staff. 

At its peak, CMH had over 35 physicians, including PCP's, General Surgeons, Pediatricians and Ob/Gyn's at eight separate locations serving six different hospitals. ECS managed another half dozen practices on a consulting contract.


Yale University

B.A. 1971

Tufts University School of Medicine

M.D. 1975

University of Pennsylvania

Internal Medicine Residency 1975-1978